How it works

I will come to your home to conduct an interview and complete a detailed questionnaire. I use the results of the interview and the questionnaire to develop your menus. Each menu lists entrees and some side dish choices and is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day. The standard package of 5 entrees of 4 servings each, will feed 2 people – ten meals; that is right! Ten dinners for two people made of foods you love in your freezer!

Prepared in your home

Once you have approved your menu, I will schedule a day to cook in your home. I arrive with all of the utensils I need to complete your meals. I cook the food in your home, then package, label with thaw/reheat instructions and refrigerate or freeze each item. By following these instructions your meals will taste like they were just prepared! I leave your kitchen clean and home smelling wonderful. You simply reheat the meals and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen, and the fabulous food prepared with the ingredients you desire.

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